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Construction Site Monitoring Solution

Protection Against Constaction Site Crimes. Prevent material theft onsite damage. Replace security guys for more more officiant live survailance video monitoring. Help protect your workers and inventory using a DVR or Combo System and Cameras.
Cost Effective And Efficient Solution. Mobile, Relible, Proven, LIVE VIDEO MONITORING 24/7! Using these in a warehouse environment can help with:

  • Loss Prevention: Help reduce inventory shrinkage.
  • Loss Time Incidents:Assists in documenting loss time incidents.
  • Health & Safety:Monitor the area to help meet safety requirements.
  • Remote: Monitoring your site using remote networking will help you keep an eye on your employees and make sure they maintain their productivity.
We Recommend
Starting from $2199 Installed! You can add following solutions: Starting from $1500 Installed!

1X Digital Video Recorder witt internet.


Wireless Communication Solution
Multisites Software
Solar Power
Satelite Link
Video Monitorin Center
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1X Digital Video Recorder


4 X Night Vision, Long Range Varyfocal Cameras



PTZ Motorized X 220 Zoom Camera


2X Otdoor WDR Day/Night Camera



Megapixel IP Camera

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